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The first thing a qualified SEO expert needs to accomplish is to perform a complete analysis of the website and all the properties associated with the local business. This should be followed up by a comprehensive meeting to review the findings. It is also a good time to find out if the parties are a suitable fit. An SEO agency must give an honest assessment of whether it can help the client.

From there it is imperative to check the environment and see where the business stands up against the competition. We like to check the page 1 ranked competitors' websites and see what keywords they are ranking for. Additionally, it is imperative to examine the backlinks of the sites they are linked to. In the right situations, associations can create a great deal of trust for the website, or they can be harmful.

Now it is time to do detailed research and find what keywords would be most helpful and which ones the business really would like to rank for. Then build a plan to dominate those keywords and slowly add more over time. From there, follow up with backlinks SEO.

Relevant websites help build the power necessary to get to page 1 of the search engines. Our Mission is Simple for Small Businesses with page ranking.


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How Can SEO Help Your Business?

Many people feel that on-page SEO is where it ends and that should be enough to rank their website on search engines like Google. Unfortunately, this is not true. To truly dominate local SEO in Missouri there are still more things that need to be addressed. Primarily Google My Business (GMB) ranking and being in the top 3 in the Maps section of the search results.

Ranking high in GMB gives a company a great deal of visibility. It is equivalent to top page placement in the Yellow Pages in the past. The maps pop up at the top of the search as well allowing the company to be seen even better. The listing shows the company on the search engine map. In addition, it will allow customers to click on the website, call the phone number, and even get directions to the business. Any local SEO expert knows the power this can give to a client.

Google My Business also shows reviews and is very visible to potential customers. Do you have any reviews for your site? Did you have a few customers leave unkindly reviews? This is something we would work on and is very significant for a local business.

Long story short. You want to be on Google My Business and help develop strong SEO in Missouri. 

Our Mission is Simple - to connect business owners with new customers and clients - leveraging marketing for your business profit with SEO.

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